The team behind is made up of passive & active investors and is headed by
J C Sum.

jcsum profile

Singaporeans may know of J C for his work on stage and television as an illusionist (

Over 18 years, J C has built a successful career as an international award-winning illusionist performing worldwide. More than 120 million people have watched his magic in over 26 countries. He is one of the highest paid illusionists in Asia and is widely sought after for his ability to present a large-scale modern illusion show bilingually in English & Mandarin.

Offstage, J C is an entrepreneur, content creator and investor. His investment holdings include a diverse range of assets including businesses, websites, stocks, bonds, commodities, precious metals as well as unique assets. His current concentration is in paper asset classes and online properties.

J C is also a very skilled and experienced teacher of specialized knowledge. He is a creator of three other content-rich websites: is the largest free resource for illusionists in the world with free articles on show production, illusion design, business and marketing. is the world’s most comprehensive resource site on Kabuki Drops, a stagecraft technique and curtain release system. is a website that educates entertainers in business, marketing & investing.

Since 2001, J C has also given numerous talks locally & overseas on his perspective and approach to his business. He has been nominated for a “Spirit of Enterprise” award and has been featured in leading business publications such as “The Business Times” and The Edge.

As J C continues his journey as a content creator and investor, his team and him wanted to fill a void in the teaching of basic knowledge on how to start investing as well as build a passive investment portfolio in Singapore.

This led to the creation of, a website that shares fundamental how-to information, strategies and tactics on passive investing in a direct down-to-earth style that is clear, simply and easy to understand.